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Up3 is always looking for mentors, partners, and programs to help our participants achieve their dreams. Please reach out below and we'll be in touch


Help Up3 youth to succeed. Together, we can provide financial support for tuition, supplies,  and tutoring for those who need it.


Each Up3 youth will receive a personalized  program focusing on a particular interest that's catered to their learning style and pacing.

Spread the Word

Share the Up3 story to help support our mission and spread awareness about our cause.

Volunteer for Up3

Donate your time to the organization. Please feel free to reach out to us with any way you can help!  We will be happy to explore with you different ways you can use your interests and passions to support Up3 youth.

About Up3

Up3 is a 501c3 organization started in 2019 by a passionate individual dedicated to ensuring each teen feels supported, valued and respected while nurturing their passion to unlock their potential.


Our Mission

Up3 exists to highlight and help cultivate foster teens’ individual areas of passion to expose them to new experiences, build confidence, teach critical life skills and expand vocational opportunities.

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